Customer Feedback

What is the Navy saying about their ECATTS training system?

We are always happy to receive feedback on any of our compliance training, especially when it’s this positive! Thanks to our wonderful Navy clients in our ECATTS government division for these great reviews. We strive to provide the best training experience possible for all of our customers.


See what they have to say about their ECATTS environmental compliance training:


“Bravo…Superb Training”


“I love [ECATTS]. Best training ever, and the tests make it so you actually learn.”


“Very interesting training. Information will be useful in the future. Definitely benefited.”


“Keep up the great work.”


“Excellent testing format, it was easy to navigate and follow.”


“Good and very informative.”




“Very interesting information. Well presented.”


“The site was extremely easy to navigate, it made the learning experience more enjoyable.”


“Well developed and informational.”


“Thanks for being environmentally aware.”