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New UST Class C Certifications Now Available!

Good news! We have NEW UST Class C operator certification trainings available for the states of Hawaii and Mississippi. These have been reviewed and approved by the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) and the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).


Successfully completing these trainings will award a certificate which grants UST Class C operator certification in either Hawaii or Mississippi. For all other states, this course should only be used as a reference (and will not award certification). In many states (PA, TX, VA, etc.) the only way to become Class C certified is to be trained by a certified Class A/B operator.


UST Certification

UST Class C Operator Training Program

(5 modules)


In this training program, you’ll learn important topics for UST Class C operators such as:

Introduction to Class C Operators:
  • Class C operator responsibilities & certification
  • Operator requirements and training records
  • and more
UST System Components:
  • What is an underground storage tank
  • The primary parts of a pump dispenser
  • Spill prevention equipment
  • Safeguard and emergency shut off devices
  • and more
Spill and Overfill Prevention:
  • Main sources of UST releases
  • How to be prepared for an emergency
  • Correct filling practices
  • and more
Emergency Response:
  • Release monitoring
  • Common causes of spills and releases
  • What to do in case of an emergency
  • and more
  • Spill containment materials
  • Basic steps to follow when responding to a petroleum spill
  • Washing down spills
  • and more


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