UST Class C certification training for Connecticut just added!

This NEW UST Class C operator training has been reviewed and approved by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP).


Successfully completing this training will award a certificate which grants UST Class C operator certification in Connecticut. For all other states, this course should only be used as a reference (and will not award certification). In many states (PA, VA, etc.) the only way to become Class C certified is to be trained by a certified Class A/B operator.


UST Certification

UST Class C Operator Training Program

(5 modules)


In this training program, you’ll learn important topics for CT UST operators such as:

Introduction to Class C Operators:
  • Class C operator responsibilities & certification
  • Operator requirements and training records
  • and more
UST System Components:
  • What is an underground storage tank
  • The primary parts of a pump dispenser
  • Spill prevention equipment
  • Safeguard and emergency shut off devices
  • and more
Spill and Overfill Prevention:
  • Main sources of UST releases
  • How to be prepared for an emergency
  • Correct filling practices
  • and more
Emergency Response:
  • Release monitoring
  • Common causes of spills and releases
  • What to do in case of an emergency
  • and more
  • Spill containment materials
  • Basic steps to follow when responding to a petroleum spill
  • Washing down spills
  • and more


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