Pesticide Warning

Pesticide Application: are you avoiding pests or adding to the problem?

Without Pesticide Awareness, you could be creating more harm.

Spring is here, which means gardening, cleaning and spending time outdoors. All of which can bring us in contact with pests. Avoiding health problems from disease-carrying pests can lead to another danger, pesticides. Before you use pesticides, make sure you are using them properly.

There are so many different types of pesticides; each meant to be effective against specific pests. And with the many types come many dangers. Do you know how to safely manage them? Learn about the major federal pesticide laws, Best management practices (BMPs) when mixing pesticides, how to properly store and dispose of pesticides, and what to expect during a pesticide management inspection in our Pesticide Awareness course.


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Or learn about proper management of pesticides in our Waste Management Guidelines course offered individually or in any of our Contractor Course Packs.


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Pests are a problem. Pesticide Awareness training shouldn’t be. 


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