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November 15 is America Recycles Day

Today is America Recycles Day! You probably already know how to recycle common goods like paper, plastics, aluminum and glass, but what about batteries, used motor oil, tires, light bulbs and household hazardous waste items?

If you are already an avid recycler, great! That’s the first step. Next step is to ensure you are doing it correctly. Here are a few tips on how to keep up the good work with the ‘not so easy’ items:


Used Oil:

Never dump your used motor oil down the drain. Used oil is a hazardous waste that, even in small amounts, can contaminate our waterways and result in the pollution of our drinking water sources. Old motor oil can be refined, reconditioned or reprocessed to become usable again, so recycle it! The best places to recycle used motor oil and filters are your local service stations and auto shops.

E-Waste & HHW:

E-waste is the category for electronics and batteries, which require special handling with disposal. E-waste can be filled with toxic chemicals like mercury and lead that, if not handled properly, can leak into the environment.

Leftover household products like paints, cleaners and pesticides can contain corrosive, ignitable and toxic ingredients that should never be poured onto the ground or thrown out with regular trash. These household hazardous waste (HHW) products also require special care when disposing of them.

Did you know that many cities and counties will collect single-use batteries and household hazardous waste during their collection events? To see if you live in an area that participates in these cleanups, visit your city and county website. You can also look for in-store recycling bins to dispose of batteries.


Discarded tires may carry disease-carrying pests or worse, tire piles can catch on fire. Most garages are required to accept and recycle your used tires when you have new ones installed. Some communities will hold collection events for used tires, so be sure to check yours.

Light Bulbs: 

Because Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs (CFLs) contain mercury, EPA recommends recycling options for CFLs and fluorescent bulbs. Find your local collection agency to drop off broken or used CFLs or visit a hardware supply store to see if they offer in-store recycling.






But there is still so much more to learn beyond the basics.

Check out our Recycling Awareness training as today’s featured course:

Recycling Awareness




Here are some helpful resources to learn more about America Recycles Day and to search and locate recycling services and solutions near you: