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How Does Air Pollution Affect Heart Health?

February is American Heart Month. And the air around us is one factor that affects our heart’s health every day. Air pollution can trigger both heart attacks and strokes. In fact, did you know that one in three Americans has heart disease which can be worsened by air pollution? Make sure you stay educated on air quality and pollution for you and the safety of others.

Some Heart Facts:

  • Heart disease and stroke are the first and fourth leading causes of death in the U.S.
  • Air pollution can affect heart health and can trigger heart attacks and strokes that cause disability and death.
  • One in three American adults has heart or blood vessel disease and is at higher risk from air pollution

We may not think about our everyday air quality, but emissions and pollutants are all around us. Whether it’s a job requirement or for your own health, learning about air quality, sources of pollution, and what you can do to minimize other health problems are all topics of importance.

Here are some other good resources to keep you informed about your local air quality:

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