Air Quality Awareness Week

It’s Air Quality Awareness Week

This week marks the 15th annual Air Quality Awareness Week (May 3-7) with the theme being “Healthy Air – Important for Everyone.” Learn more about the daily topics and resources that can help you stay safe:

  • Monday – Wildfires & Smoke
  • Tuesday – Asthma & Your Health
  • Wednesday – Citizen Science & Sensors
  • Thursday – Environmental Justice Communities & Air Quality
  • Friday – Air Quality Around the World

And don’t forget to stay informed and stay educated.


Check out our Air Quality Awareness Training and learn about:

  • Federal & state air regulations
  • What air pollution is & where it comes from
  • Air permit requirements
  • Types of air emission sources
  • Mobile & stationary sources of air emissions
  • Best management practices (BMPs) to help control air emissions
  • What hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) are, and the health problems associated with them
  • What Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) is, and the health problems associated with them
  • What Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are
  • How to minimize exposure to VOCs
  • How to prepare for an inspection


Learn more now!

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Air Quality Awareness Training