Environmental Sustainability

Your Corporate Responsibility for Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability:

Are you doing your part?


Earth “Day” may be over, but our efforts to protect our environment shouldn’t be. Sustainability is meeting the increasing demands placed on the environment without compromising it today for tomorrow’s generations. It’s a priority interest for many, especially at EPA. “Sustainability isn’t part of our work – it’s a guiding influence for all of our work.” In fact, it’s really a part of a company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR).

“A number of green issues are emerging as key components in a more global initiative to hold corporations socially, and if possible, financially responsible for their actions and inactions. Sustainable development, as a critical component of CSR, takes into account social, economic, environmental, and natural resource issues potentially affected by business. With growing awareness worldwide of environmental concerns, the CSR component of sustainability is focused on environmental sustainability.”

Are you familiar with Environmental Sustainability? How it influences your roles in the workplace? How is sustainability playing a part within your company’s corporate social responsibility? These are all important factors in building and maintaining a sustainable organization. And we can help with that.

Check out our Environmental Sustainability Courses and learn:

  • What environmental sustainability awareness is and why it is important
  • EPA’s origin and role in sustainability
  • Pollution prevention (P2)
  • Building the foundation for an organization-wide sustainability program
  • Why shifting from environmental compliance to sustainability is important
  • The science of sustainable policy
  • How does an organization’s focus on sustainability impact staff
  • What are ISO 14000/14001 standards
  • EMS and sustainability
  • Why the federal government leading the sustainability effort
  • Review of recent executive orders (EOs)
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA) models and methods
  • Sustainable environmental systems
  • Priority environmental concerns
  • Current sustainable environmental systems technologies
  • The six themes of environmental sustainability
  • Renewable and non-renewable resource systems
  • Establishing a strategic direction for an organization
  • Development of sustainability programs for key business processes
  • Which operations should include sustainability measures
  • Good business processes for developing sustainable programs
  • Studies on sustainable practices in the workplace (case study examples)
  • Plus much more


Our Environmental Sustainability Courses are offered individually or as a bundled 4 course pack.

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