Customer Feedback

What do ECATTS’ Clients Have to Say?

Always great to receive client feedback on our #compliancetraining. Especially when they are as positive as these! Thanks to our wonderful #ECATTS clients in our government division for these comments:


“Awesome and informative course!”


“Very user friendly.”


“I think this is a great training for all of us to improve the environment wherever we going. I can apply [this] knowledge in my job, my house or in my neighborhood. Thanks so much for this training.”


“[I]t was perfect.”


“[I] think this training was GREAT! [T]hanks for making my day! :)”


“Nice and simple! Something that doesn’t take too much time to actually read.”


 “Great information!”


“This is a good tool for learning.”


“Information was clear and easy to understand.”


“The training was very well organized and informative.”


“Very good training!”