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What is the Navy saying about ECATTS?

It is always great to hear such wonderful feedback regarding our military division, ECATTS. We always strive to provide the best training experience possible with Environmental Compliance Training, Made Easy.


Check out what our Navy customers have to say about their ECATTS training:



“Short, simple, highly informative.”

“Nice video that was able to keep my attention and well-narrated.”

“I appreciate that this can be done on any device with internet connection.”

“Outstanding, direct and to the point training.”

“[Y]ou cannot improve on perfection.”

“Training was concise and effective.  It is good that the organization is being made aware of potential impact on the environment.”

“Very informative on subject matter.”

“The information was well put together and gave a clear picture of what is expected.”

“This video was very nice. I appreciate the work that was put in on making it. Thank you.”



Thank YOU, Navy! Keep up the great work!