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Training Spotlight: Environmental Manager Awareness Course Pack

Are you an Environmental Manager in charge of overseeing your company’s environmental performance? Do your responsibilities include making sure your organization is compliant with environmental regulations in areas such as air quality, waste, clean water, and pollution? Ensuring your company is operating in an environmentally compliant manner is crucial to avoid violations, fines and penalties all leading to bad press. We can help with that.

Our Environmental Manager Awareness Course Pack offers 11 individual training courses specific to the roles and responsibilities required for your job:

  1. Overview of Environmental Compliance
  2. Environmental Management System (EMS) Awareness
  3. Solid Waste Management
  4. Hazardous Waste Management
  5. Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Awareness
  6. Waste Management Guidelines
  7. Recycling Awareness
  8. Building Construction, Demolition and Renovation Awareness
  9. Asbestos Awareness
  10. Spill Response
  11. Noise, Odor, Light, & Dust Control

With this training you’ll learn important compliance and safety topics such as:

  • Basic environmental laws
  • Inspection expectations
  • What to do if violations are discovered
  • Penalties for non-compliance
  • The ISO 14000 group of standards and the areas they cover
  • EMS under ISO 14001
  • Federal and state solid waste laws and regulations
  • Best Management Practices for solid waste
  • The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
  • State hazardous waste laws and regulations
  • How to determine if something is a hazardous waste
  • Satellite Accumulation Area (SAA) requirements
  • HAZMAT federal laws
  • Warning signs for harmful situations
  • How to properly manage different types of wastes
  • What sustainable procurement is
  • Surfaces coated with lead-based paint safety requirements
  • Federal asbestos regulations
  • What facilities are regulated under asbestos laws
  • Projects that may be affected by asbestos laws
  • What to do if a spill has caused an emergency situation
  • Reporting incidental shop spills
  • How to minimize volatile organic compound (VOC) exposure
  • How to ensure good indoor air quality
  • And so much more

Courses also include supplemental learning assets such as voice over, images, video, and knowledge checks to ensure your comprehension of the material.



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