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It’s World Environment Day 2020!

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5th. It’s a day to raise awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Our daily lives all rely on our environment; the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breath, and our climate all make our planet habitable. Increasing awareness for […]

Training Spotlight: Environmental Sustainability

Did you know about our many Environmental Sustainability trainings? We offer a variety of training courses specifically designed to educate on sustainability and the many roles it plays within organizations. Each training includes helpful enhancements like images and videos to assist with your overall learning experience. And even better, by purchasing our predesigned 4 module Environmental […]

Contractors, we have your training!

Do you know about all of our multi-course training curriculums available just for Contractors? These highly-targeted, job-specific programs range from 11-19 modules and cover important topics to keep Contractors compliant on the job and in the field. Plus, did you know that by purchasing your training in one of our convenient course packs, you can SAVE 10%? Get […]

What is the Navy saying about their ECATTS training system?

We are always happy to receive feedback on any of our compliance training, especially when it’s this positive! Thanks to our wonderful Navy clients in our ECATTS government division for these great reviews. We strive to provide the best training experience possible for all of our customers.   See what they have to say about […]

April 22 is Earth Day!

Tomorrow is Earth Day 2020, which marks the 50th anniversary of this world-wide event developed to bring awareness and support for the protection of our natural environment. The theme this year is climate change, a big challenge with big opportunities. Climate change “represents the biggest challenge to the future of humanity and the life-support systems […]

NEW: UST Class C certification training for Illinois now available

  Great news for our UST training catalog! We have recently added the state of Illinois to our UST Class C training curriculum. This brand new UST Class C operator training has been reviewed and approved by the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshall.   Successfully completing this training will award a certificate which grants UST Class […]

Are you reducing your risk for spills?

  EPA order enforces spill prevention safeguards at Tangier, Va. Fuel Storage Facility PHILADELPHIA (April 15, 2020) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced today that Tangier Oil Company, Inc. has agreed to take actions to reduce the risks of spills of fuel oils into the Chesapeake Bay. These actions will address the company’s alleged […]

Stay Safe, Stay Clean, Stay Green: DIY Disinfectant Cleaners

Cleaning is on everyone’s priority list these days. Maintaining a germ-free home is especially important in today’s climate, to keep you and your family safe, happy and healthy.  Today’s empty shelves makes getting your normal cleaning products more difficult than ever, so we’ve found some good tips on how to make natural DIY disinfectant cleaners. These […]

“Switch Off” for Earth Hour this Saturday, 3/28

With all the uncertainty going on in the world right now, this year’s Earth Hour gives us a good opportunity for a global, collective pause. A pause to reflect on the impacts our lives make on our planet, such as the increasing demands for food, water and energy. These all have a direct affect on […]

Save 10% On All Training Now-3/27

Get 10% OFF now – 3/27 on all your environmental and safety training.      During this time of uncertainty, ‘social distancing’ has become the norm for many businesses with a push to stay and even work from home. With this comes a good opportunity to get the compliance training you need with our easily accessible, online […]

EPA Releases List of Disinfectants To Use Against Coronavirus

The coronavirus is a hot topic of conversation these days. As it continues to grow and span countries, people are becoming more mindful of things they can do to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. The good news is that coronaviruses are ‘enveloped viruses,’ which means they are one of the easiest types of […]

Even more UST Class C certification training added!

Available now! We’ve just added New UST Class C operator training for the state of Maryland. This program has been reviewed and approved by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) and has been tailored to include state-specific training material for Class C operators.    Successfully completing this training will award a certificate which grants UST Class […]

New UST Class C Certifications Now Available!

Good news! We have NEW UST Class C operator certification trainings available for the states of Hawaii and Mississippi. These have been reviewed and approved by the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) and the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).   Successfully completing these trainings will award a certificate which grants UST Class C operator certification in […]

Have You Heard About World Wetlands Day?

  Sunday, February 2, is World Wetlands Day!   Do you know just how important our wetlands are? With this global celebration on February 2nd, it’s a chance to raise awareness about all the benefits wetlands have for us and our wildlife. It’s also a chance to raise awareness about their protection. Wetlands are a […]


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UST Class C certification training for Connecticut just added!

This NEW UST Class C operator training has been reviewed and approved by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP).   Successfully completing this training will award a certificate which grants UST Class C operator certification in Connecticut. For all other states, this course should only be used as a reference (and will […]

Safety & Awareness Spotlight: Radon

    Check yourself and protect yourself from radon. January is Radon Action Month, which is a great time to raise awareness about this invisible radioactive gas that causes lung cancer. Radon is the #1 environmental cause of cancer deaths and the #2 cause of lung cancer deaths. Since you can’t smell or see radon, testing your […]

Big News for Our ECATTS team!

We are happy to announce that our ECATTS government training division has recently been awarded another 5 year contract with the U.S. Navy, providing their online environmental and safety compliance training! The Navy has been a loyal and wonderful client for 20 years now and we are thrilled to continue working with them. Keep up the […]

New Settlement Over Pesticide Violations Costs Company $79,000 in Civil Penalties

    “EPA settlement with PBI-Gordon Corporation resolves alleged violations of pesticide labeling requirements in Longmont, Colorado, and Monroe, Washington Agreement with Kansas-based company resolves findings of non-compliance DENVER (November 6, 2019) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today announced a settlement with PBI-Gordon Corporation (PBI) of Shawnee, Kansas, resolving alleged violations of the […]